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Every persons dreams in life is to be successful one day.Success is a journey that requires commitment and patience.successful people always have a long story behind their success.Take the example of Eliud Kipchoge the first marathoner to break the world record of running 42Km under two hours.He used to wake up at 5:00Am to practice every day through the cold dawn air.He had to sacrifice his sleep in order to achieve his goals.

Ways to be successful

1.Set a goal for yourself, this helps you in being committed to your work.

2.Focus on your goal.

3.Dream of being successful and the fruits of success.

4.surround yourself with people who motivate you.

5.Think positively

6.Motivate yourself

7.Learn from successful people

Mostly you as person determine how you will succeed.People fail to achieve their dreams because of;

1.Lack of commitment to the goal.

2.Listening to people who discourage you.

3.Having many goals that makes you loose focus.

4.Poor planning.

5.Procrastinating plans.

6.Fear of failure to reach your goals.

Success is the result of hard work, preparation and learning from failure.Work hard for what you want, nothing comes to you without a fight.Always believe in yourself and be positive.

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    True sucess is a journey


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