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In the current world many people always overthink about what others think about them.People are afraid of chasing their dreams because of others people’s opinions in their life.People are afraid of being judged by others through their actions.What others think about you is always their responsibility and not yours,since it’s something they created about you by themselves.People who are focused and know what they want in life rarely have time to think of what others think about them.The moment in life you start thinking about what others think about you you loose focus and become other people’s pleaser.

People’s thoughts about you should never matter in your life.Be mature enough to know that not everyone has the same opinion about you,some will see you as arrogant, kind, selfish,boasty ,but at the end it’s you yourself who knows who you are and what you want to achieve in this world.Mostly when you start thinking about what others think you are likely to change your behaviour or fake a lifestyle.You will waste your time trying to please others.

Although sometimes thinking about what others think about you can motivate someone,but this is in a case where you are a person who others are looking up to .Of course you would never like to let down the people who are looking up to you.Therefore if you ever have to think about what others think about you,it should be in something positive that motivates you and gives you power.

Reasons why people think about what others think about them.

  1. 1.Fear of being judged.

2. To fit in the society.

3. Fear of being a failure.

4.Lack of goals to achieve.


6.Too much expectation

To achieve your dreams you should not care about what others think of you.Make use of your free time try out something new or grow your talent.Always be in the right company of people who you don’t have to force yourself to fit in their group.If you have ever failed wake up and trying something new that you may be better at.Thinking of others people’s thoughts about you is a sign of giving up.Set goals for yourself and plans on how to achieve them.

Let go of what can’t be changed and focus on something else.Don’t expect too much from something or people,too much expectations always leads to let downs.

Effects of thinking about what others think of you.

1.Loose of focus on your goals.


3.Withdrawal from friends or society.

4.Changes in someone’s behaviour.

5.Sensitivity to small issues.

6.Damaged self esteem

You should always take responsibility of yourself and make sure you don’t loose focus.Be contented with what you have.And lastly always watch your thoughts since you are the product of your thoughts.

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