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Respect,also called esteem,is a positive feeling or action shown towards someone or something considered important,or held in high esteem or regard.It conveys sense of admiration for good or valuable qualities.And it is also the process of honouring someone by exhibiting care, concern or consideration for their needs or feelings.If a person truly loves you they’d find it difficult to disrepect you.Being disrespected and bellitled in a reallationship is one of the painful situations one has to pass through.When someone disrespects you intentionally it means they don’t value you anymore and they don’t care about your feelings too.Although some people always tolerate being disrespected in relationships for reasons such as;

1.One has a goal to achieve in the relationship which most of the times it’s material things.


3.Fear to move out.

4.Thinking you deserve to be treated in such a way.

5.Lack of self awareness.

6.Feeling like that is the only person you’ve ever loved or ever loved you which is always a fallacy.

Alwaysbe with a person who values you and knows your worth,a person who’ll put you as a priority and not an option.No one ever derseves to be anyone’s second choice.Be kind enough to yourself and move out of a relationship where you’re disrespected and belittled.Whenever a person disrespects you first time you can forgive maybe it was a mistake, second time is a warning and the third time is taking advantage of you.You derseve better and there is more than a billion people in the world who would like to be with you.

Signsyou’re being disrespected in a relationship.

1.Lies -someone would lie to you not caring whether you’ll know the truth or not.

2.You are not allowed to make your own decisions.

3.Although partners shouldn’t hide things from each other, everyone requires personal space.Your partner shouldn’t interfere with your personal space.

4.Your partner doesn’t listen to you.They don’t take importance when you tell them what annoys you.

5.They have sexual or romantic relationship with others.

6.You’re not a priority in the relationship.

7.If something goes wrong your partner goes silent instead of informing you about it.

The type of a people you relate with always have a great impact on you achieving your life goals.A type of relationship that stresses you out will never give you the type of support you require to move forward.Succesful people always have a supportive partner behind them.Choose wisely the type of a person you date.Choose a person who will empower you and willing to do anything for you.Stop wasting your time with people who only want to take advantage of you.Be with a person who really needs you and values you even with your flaws.

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    Yeah respect is very important

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    Totally agree, respect creates a strong foundation. Without it a relationship goes nowhere. Thanks for sharing ❤

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    Yes…respect is very important …this message is very useful


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