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Is failure a success? Failing is one of the things many people are afraid of.Failure is something unavoidable and everyone fails at times,no one is perfect.Failure is viewed negatively in most of the communities.When you fail to achieve something,it doesn’t mean you’re weak,it simply choose another means.It’s better to try and fail than not trying at all.Failure should always give you power and not fear.Ther is no success story that comes along without failure.

1.Failure redirects you to the right path: After failing someone always realizes where they went wrong.This will lead you to the right path when you decide to try again.

2.You learn skills to deal with such situations in the future: When you manage to pass through failure and gain success, you’ll learn to avoid the same mistakes after.

3.Unleashes potential in you: Failure should motivate you to know more about what you want to do.

4.It gives you opportunity to start something new: Sometimes you may try doing something you don’t like,so when you fail you realise it wasn’t something you passionate for.

5.You will learn who your true friends are: True friends will always be by your side during good and hard times.When you fail definitely you will loose people around you especially fake friends.

6.You will get another chance to succeed: Failing is like being given a second chance to succeed.When taken positively, failure opens doors to success.

How to deal with failure

.1.Control your emotions: most of the time failure is accompanied by emotions; sadness, embarrassment,anger just to name a few.Make sure you cool off fast before making a decision.

What can you learn from failure?

2.Learn from your failure: Look where you went wrong and how you’re going to fix it.See it more as a valuable feedback and something you can use to improve rather than only a big blow and set back.

3.Research on failure:Search famous people and go through their failure story.Relate their story to yours and learn from there.

4.Face your fears:Just because you failed today or yesterday doesn’t mean that you’ll fail the next time.

5.Practice healthy coping skills: Get out and have a walk,call a friend or go something you love,avoid using alcohol and drugs.

6.Learn to handle failure:The truth is that it won’t last for the rest of your life,if you keep learning and it won’t label you as some kind of failure.

The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.Failure is supposed to help you discover who you are, not to paralyse you.A winner is just a loser who tried one more time.

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    Yeah ..failing is a turning point

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    Sometimes failure is what we need to push us to greatness. It’s a part of life that none of us can avoid. Great article

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    I am often failure, but I am always wake up and try try try try until success


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