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In ever conversations we have,it’s likely we get into an argument due to difference in opinions and opposite views.Arguments gets heated when the party involving can’t get into a common view.Dealing with arguments is a great aspect one can own.You will learn to keep relations and avoid embarrassing situations.

1.Listen to the other person opinion.

It’s good to listen what the other person has to say before making conclusions, maybe they are right and you’re wrong.So listen carefully and ask why they see it in that way from their point of view.And of they are wrong show them where they got wrong.

2.Don’t shout.

Lot’s of people feel offended when they’re shouted at.To end an argument successfully you got to be calm and maintain your feelings.Give the other person time to pour out their views and how they feel about it.Shouting indicates you’re not interested in listening what they have to say.

3.Apologise and take the blame.

If you are wrong take the blame and say “I’m sorry” or “it’s my fault”,this won’t cost you anything.These always brings great results from any argument.Often,the person you are arguing with is explaining to you where you did something wrong and they didn’t.

3.Don’t belittle the other person.

If the other person is wrong show them where they are wrong and how to correct it.Dont make the person feel like a fool or make yourself superior,this will only heat up the argument.Don’t laugh at the other person opinions no matter how stupid or funny they seem to you.

4.Don’t interrupt.

Interrupting a person when they’re speaking suggests that you don’t want to listen whatever they’re saying or they want to say, therefore they can’t listen to you too since everyone would like to be heard Soo the argument will continue non stop.

5.Leave if the person is being offensive.

If your opponent is being abusive the best option is to leave.The moment you return back other abusive words,it’s going to make the argument longer and irrelevant.Nothing will be achieved in an abusive argument.

6.Control your emotions.

Are you a short tempered person?During arguments you just feel like punching the other person right on their face.Always make sure you can control your anger to avoid unnecessary drama and fights.

8.Drop the topic.

If the argument is leading to nowhere drop that topic and start a new one,you may say “you may be right” or “we’ll talk later”.

9.Involve a third party.

You all think you are right and no one wants to be wrong,involve a third person who is more knowledgeable and has experience than you.The person may guide you to a common conclusion.

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    Yeah we should learn how to deal with arguments

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    Charli Dee

    Great tips! I agree completely with all of them! At the end of the day good communication is definitely key!


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