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‎Valentine’s is around the corner a day everyone is waiting for it with anticipation,spread more love during this Valentine’s.Give yourself a chance to fall in love again, reply to that person you’ve been ignoring for long,mend broken relationships.Come out with something new this year.Let love feel your heart.There are many ideas for a legit Valentine’s outing, it’s not a must that it should be a partner you’ll be making out with,you can decide to take a friend, your kids, workmates, parents or any other person who makes you feel special.Most of my single friends are tensed up about Valentine’s and who they’ll be going out with.Lots of people have a perception that Valentine’s is all about couple things and romance,but actually Valentine’s is a day of making others feel loved and vice versa,it is not all about romance.

Tips to have a better Valentine’s this year.

Self forgiveness: Self forgiveness is one step to self-love.Without self-love there’s no way you can love others,forgive yourself for the mistakes you did in the past,make peace within yourself for you to be able to spread love.

*Give yourself a chance to start over: Get over failed relationships,work, friendships and start afresh, everyday is a chance to start over and God has better plans for you.

*Get new friendships: I’ve been attending a class group work and is the most overwhelming experience I’ve ever had,I got new friends who have different talents and I’m longing to meet them everyday.Anytime you get a chance to meet new people get into it and get new friends.

Positivity: Let positive vibes surround you this Valentine’s,do away with drugs,fake lifestyle and bad company,be a positive thinker and do things that make you feel better than before.

*Do what makes you happy: I love singing and whenever I get a chance or free time to sing I’d do it whole heartedly and end up feeling very happy.

*Forgive others: Let go of the burdens you’re keeping in your heart,try to forgive those who wronged you.Soften your heart and let go of things that were meant to happen.

PersonallyI don’t have plans for Valentine’s because I’ll be studying for my exams but I got a friend who will be celebrating her birthday and of course I can’t wait to surprise her.I just wish that my dad would be around so that I could celebrate Valentine’s with him .He was the person I loved the most but he passed away five years ago and it still hurts like hell,I always wish he had never got out of my life that early,I miss his presence soo much.RIP dad I love you ❤️

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